The Origin of Grounded in Ag & Why We Built It This Way

overview Apr 24, 2024

Janice Person started Grounded in Ag because she saw the need first-hand and from peers at various companies who hired people with incredible potential but without the knowledge of agriculture needed to really have lasting impacts.

With the complexity of agriculture, a training platform that could help on-board individuals entering the agricultural industry seemed a clear win. 

Janice shares her experiences of joining agriculture as a city kid and the challenges she faced as well as those she faced as a manager onboarding and managing new employees from diverse backgrounds. She emphasizes the importance of providing comprehensive training to empower individuals and build their confidence as they enter the agriculture field. 

Grounded in Ag is designed to offer foundational knowledge, vocabulary, and personalized scaffolding to support individuals in various agricultural careers, regardless of their prior background or expertise.

This video shares:

- The speaker's personal journey transitioning from a city background to agriculture.

- Challenges in onboarding and managing employees from diverse backgrounds.

- The vision and purpose behind the creation of the training platform.

- The approach to providing foundational knowledge and personalized scaffolding for individuals entering the agriculture industry. (Thanks to Adam Grant for the scaffolding language in Hidden Potential!) 


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