Simplifying the complexities of agriculture for newcomers to the industry.

In a tight-knit and high stakes industry like agriculture, trust is always a premium. Misperceptions and small mistakes can lead clients/customers to second-guess or even lose trust. Grounded in Agtm provides an engaging program approach to building foundational knowledge in the people, practices, and systems that are unfamiliar to the public-at-large so newcomers can shorten the learning curve. 

 Grounded in AgTM focuses on building familiarity with farmers and the ag industry while learning the basics. We meet people where they are and enable them to go into greater depth based on the topics that are most relevant for their parts of the industry. Understanding the time crunch for many managers onboarding employees, we provide materials to help connect learnings to each individual organization, too.  


Courses Ready When You Are

Getting a new-to-ag employee grounded in the complex industry can take months and dozens of hours of help from managers and co-workers. Grounded in Ag offers courses that slash that on-boarding time with timeless industry basics that can be overlooked but are critical to customer relationships and that trust so critical to farmers and ranchers.

Created with Connections in Mind

Being new to ag can feel isolating to people coming into the industry. Grounded in Ag is built with connectivity & knowledge tied together. Course materials provide discussion prompts for managers & employees to build on our industry training with conversations about your business. We introduce participants to experts and resources across the country. Then the community connects people in the industry.

Community & Content that Engages

In addition to our courses, the community we host provides snippets throughout the week on things happening in the industry, content on social media, and more. We even host regular live sessions for interaction with SMEs in a no-risk environment. We tap into some of the industry's most creative content producers to keep it lively, too! 

Connecting urban mindsets with rural knowledge as new talent joins agriculture

While Grounded in Ag is new to the public discussion, it's been living in Janice Person's mind for more than two years.

Why? She was a city girl who came to work in agriculture decades ago.

She still remembers how hard it was to understand so many things and complexities as she interviewed farmers, consultants, etc., for her internship at a farm magazine decades ago. After a while, things began to click and, eventually, she was almost native.

Years later, she has on-boarded dozens of employees and ambassadors for companies large and small -- many of whom were new to the industry, too. 

There are so many talented people who can help agriculture reach new levels, given the context and confidence that previously took years to develop. 

Creating Grounded in Ag took a lot of thought & action. It is far bigger than an individual. With the breadth and depth of this programming, an extensive network has been tapped! 

Check out our about page for additional information on the contributions of a network of subject matter experts and our advisory board. 

Want to know more? 

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